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42 cm x 59,4 cm, glossy paper, 18 cardboard boxes

Every week a small exotic grocery store (toko) imports around 50 boxes of groceries from around the world. Boxes travel from every corner of the world to this specific store, ready to be stacked and emptied.

FULL/EMPTY® presents the everlasting journey of cardboard boxes at the entrance of the toko wherein the research took place. This process is presented in four promotional posters similar to the already present posters in the entrance. Each consumer participates in this: before entering, consumers face a poster in which the owner of toko is selecting goods. At the entrance transported and organized boxes are presented. Before leaving the store after checking out, the poster confronts the customer one last time. As a result of his or her exotic purchases the boxes are all folded up now and ready to restart its process.

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