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During the Covid-19’s pandemic, unsolicited jokes towards Asians in public are spreading all over the world. Although every victim disapproves and condemns this random association to their background, habitually there is no comeback at the scene: victims are in shock and unaware how to respond properly.

Graphic designer/speaker Sioejeng Tsao and I realised this should change. In situations where unsolicited jokes are made, our graphic artwork ‘HOW TO SURVIVE A JOKE?’ functions as a guideline depending on the feelings towards the remark and the safety of the situation. If the situation suits, a dialog can be started by asking ‘Why?’ as an icebreaker and hopefully triggers the perpetrator to reflect. If that is not the case, there is a new opportunity the next time a joke is made.


how to survive a joke? // 19.04.2020

Published on Instagram (@seeyousioe) and Facebook

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