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Under the shadow of the dune landscape in Velsen lies an industrial plant that has been manufacturing steel since 1918. The steel industry occupies a large portion of the Dutch economy and provides work for over 9,000 people.


Lately graphite rain, particulate matter and black snow plague the local area. Also, research from RIVM discovered a significantly higher lung cancer percentage comparing to similar areas. The plant affects the local ecology more severely than the responsible province was ever aware of and the two and a half meter-high constraint between the dunes and the equally heighted piles of iron ore seems purely decorative. Thus, leaving the only distinct difference to be its morphology and material.

IRON DUNES analyses the transition from the iron ore to sand using elevation maps, 3D modelling software and photographical documentation. The images represent a scenario in which the whole landscape is covered with the same material and the only difference is to be found in its morphology. It seeks the truth: Who will win? 

2021, Velsen 

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